"from genes, synapses and circuitries to pave the way for novel therapies"


International scientific congress gathering experts in epilepsy research
more info here EpiC2024 - Epileptogenesis & Epilepsy Network (

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"Responsible Research & Innovation" Workshop | 17-19 April 2023 in Lisbon

Course program

⬅️ week @immolecular scientists & staff participated @EpiEpiNet Responsible Research&Innovation course by
@ChaperoneOnline. The participants discussed the importance of Gender Equality,Public Engagement,Open Science,Science Education, Ethics&Good Governance, the 6 pillars of RRI

News & Next Events

28 February 2023 | Rare Disease Day

"rare is many, rare is strong rare is proud"

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1-2 June 2023 | Lund, Sweden

"Use of human epileptic tissue from epilepsy surgeries as a validation step of findings in animal models"

Workshop program
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Our Mission:

"Promote Collaborative multidisciplinary & translational research in epilepsy"

"Promote public awareness on epilepsy caregiving &
research to patient communication"

Who are we?

4 European Research Institutions came together to build EpiEpiNet:

About the cover: Adaptation of a microscopy image of a mouse brain section stained with the nuclear marker DAPI. A mosaic containing the hippocampus is shown.
Acknowledgement: Leonor Rodrigues, Ana Sebastião Laboratory, iMM

Our Funding:

Past Events

23-24 September 2022 | Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal

  • 3rd EpiEpiNet Annual Meeting
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19-20 September 2022 | Workshop in Rome, Italy

  • "Synaptic Function in epileptic disorders: from basic research to clinical implications"

Workshop programme

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24 July 2022 | At Doca Lisboa for the General Public
25 July 2022 | At iMM for Researchers
  • Raising awareness on epilepsy & Building the future of epilepsy research
    (in cooperation with "Sail for Epilepsy" & Liga portuguesa contra a epilepsia)
Sail for Epilepsy on national news - see here

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20 - 24 June 2022 | Summer School in Lund, Sweden
  • "Optogenetics and chemogenetics in epilepsy research"
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25 March 2022 | Round Table in Lisbon, Portugal
  • "Epilepsies in a school context"

What is epilepsy? How to detect and act in case of seizures? How to communicate?

A scientist, a neuro pediatrician, a nurse and a psychologist get ready to talk! The resuls?

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23 & 24 Nov 2021 | Workshop
  • "Neuropathology of epilepsy: from experimental models to human disease tissue

In the 1st Workshop organized by Professor Eleonora Aronica and Professor Erwin van Vliet (Amsterdam Medical Centre) we used a novel digital pathology platform to learn interactively about histological hallmarks and seizures, epileptogenesis and its consequences.

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27-Sep-2021 - 01-Oct-2021 | Summer School in Costa da Caparica, Portugal
  • "Trends and challenges in epilepsy research"
This Summer School brought together outstanding scientists, clinical experts and early stage researchers to debate the state of art and current challenges in epilepsy(ies) treatment and research.
Held as an hybrid event, the in-person event took place in Portugal, surrounded by the beautiful Autumn sun, waves and beaches of Costa da Caparica. This allowed us to discuss science and build bridges to boost research in epilepsies in an outstanding and relaxing environment.



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Generalized Fast Discharges Along the Genetic Generalized Epilepsy Spectrum: Clinical and Prognostic Significance (online) Authors: Emanuele C. Irelli, Francesca A. Barone, (...) Anna T. Giallonardo, Francesca Izzi, Carlo Di Bonaventura

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Neurovascular unit dysfunction as a mechanism of seizures and epilepsy during aging (online) Authors: Erwin A van Vliet, Nicola Marchi

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Down-regulation of the brain-specific cell-adhesion molecule contactin-3 in tuberous sclerosis complex during the early postnatal period (online) Authors: Anatoly Korotkov; Mark J. Luinenburg; Alessia Romagnolo; (...) James D. Mills; Eleonora Aronica

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Dissecting the Molecular Determinants of GABAA Receptors Current Rundown, a Hallmark of Refractory Human Epilepsy (online) Authors: Pierangelo Cifelli, Silvia Di Angelantonio, (...) Eleonora Aronica, Gabriele Ruffolo, Eleonora Palma

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MicroRNA-34a activation in tuberous sclerosis complex during early brain development may lead to impaired corticogenesis (online) Authors: Anatoly Korotkov; Nam Suk Sim; (...) Eleonora Aronica

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  • Methodology article - JoVE

A Model of Epileptogenesis in Rhinal Cortex-Hippocampus Organotypic Slice Cultures (online) Authors: Cláudia A. Valente; Francisco J Meda; Mafalda Carvalho; Ana M. Sebastião

  • Research article - Stem Cells

Regulation of hippocampal postnatal and adult neurogenesis by adenosine A2A receptor: Interaction with brain-derived neurotrophic factor (online) Authors: Filipa F. Ribeiro, Filipa Ferreira, (...) Ana M. Sebastião, Sara Xapelli

  • Review article - Pharmacological Research

Of adenosine and the blues: The adenosinergic system in the pathophysiology and treatment of major depressive disorder (online) Authors: Joana I. Gomes, Miguel Farinha-Ferreira, (...) Joaquim A.Ribeiro, Ana M.Sebastião


  • Review arcticle – International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Neural Stem Cells and Cannabinoids in the Spotlight as Potential Therapy for Epilepsy (here) Authors: Diogo M Lourenço*, Leonor Ribeiro-Rodrigues*, Ana M Sebastião, Maria J Diógenes , Sara Xapelli *contributed equaly to this work


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