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Rett Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder.

At EpiEpiNet, one of our focus is to understand how neuronal development and function is impaired in Rett Syndrome.
In the context of the Rare Disease Month, we share with you some of the research studies where EpiEpiNet researchers participated!
Check it in: For Society > Rare Diseases.

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08-Feb-2021 | International Epilepsy Day 2021

Every year, in the second Monday of February people from all over the world come together to organize the International Epilepsy Day.
The aim is to promote awareness of epilepsy and to acknowledge and highlight the problems faced by people with epilepsy, their families and carers.
Check what is being organised here (image source).
In 2021 it is also the day when we official launch our EpiEpiNet webpage.

20-Jan-2021 | EpiEpiNet Kick-Off Meeting

EpiEpiNet Researchers & Caregiving institutions met online to:

- Discuss collaborative proct & joint actions between institutions;

- Listen to representatives of patient and caregiving organizations, their concerns and joint action proposals to research-to-patient communication

Our Mission:

"Promote Collaborative multidisciplinary & translational research in epilepsy"

"Promote public awareness on epilepsy caregiving &
research to patient communication"

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4 European Research Institutions came together to build EpiEpiNet:

About the cover: Adaptation of a microscopy image of a mouse brain section stained with the nuclear marker DAPI. A mosaic containing the hippocampus is shown.
Acknowledgement: Leonor Rodrigues, Ana SebastiĆ£o Laboratory, iMM

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